Services Offered

  • Vices and Vinyasas - Work on both mind and body in the most unique, nonjudgmental Yoga class available!
  • ​Yogabata - S&M version of Tabata and Yoga for those that just can't get enough pain!
  • Mindless Meditation - Journey to that sense of calm that  you can't get even after a few drinks!
  • Aggression Aerobics - Get fit while you release your pent up aggression in a format that won't get you fired or arrested!
  • Carbs and Cardio - Keep the guns and the cannoli.
  • Pump then Party - Let’s slam those muscles before you slam those beers!
  • Smoke and Sweat -Get your sweat on.... then get your smoke on!
  • Senior Swagger - Allow yourself to be as young as your mental age!
  • Youth Yoga -Free form fun Yoga for our younger ones!
  • Pilates and Pampering -Pilates and Pampering for when you need both!
  • Personal-Training

Want to get in better shape but don't fit in within the health club scene? Want to take a Yoga class but are afraid to become assimilated?  Party too much?  Eat red meat and fast food?  Smoke, drink or use recreational drugs and don't plan of giving them up anytime soon? Do you think that you still might want to get a little bit healthier or in a little better shape?  Good news! There is a solution!  

Off-Balanced Fitness offer Yoga classes, Fitness classes and Personal training with a unique approach of complete non-judgement, acceptance and openness. Class formats are in an variety of interesting, welcoming formats for all walks of life and all fitness levels. Let us help you get more fit while you still have fun! And always remember, you don't have to be perfect (or even close) to get in a little bit better shape.

"It has been my experience that folks that have no vices have very few virtues" - Abraham Lincoln

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Cardio Parties

Want to get in shape but HATE to exercise?  We offer unusual and out-of-the-box classes to fit any individual style and vice.  Gather a group together today and party your way to fit.

Out-of-the-box Solutions

In-Home Personal Training

Whether you feel uncomfortable in a club setting, can't get out of the house or just don't want to, or you just need that extra personal touch, we have what you need!

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"Fit" your life in your own box!

​​​​   Our Advantages

Mobile Yoga

We offer mobile Yoga classes or one-on-one in-home yoga sessions for all types: Vices and Vinyasas, Youth Yoga, Mindless Meditation, Ashtanga, Yin and traditional vinyasa formats.

Benefits of Fitness​

​​Really?  You have lived this long and don't know the benefits of fitness? Let me show you how to look that up......


Yoga and Fitness for those of us who just aren't right!