​​​​Vices and Vinyasas - Want to learn Yoga but feel uncomfortable in that Yoga class?  Afraid the teacher will point out your flaws and "adjust" you in front of everyone?  Do you feel like an awkward lump whenever you try to do an asana? Don't want to wear Yoga pants ever? Do you have vices and don't plan to give them just to get a bit healthier? Whoever said fitness needs to be all or nothing was just plain wrong. Remember, 10% health is better than 0% health any day!  This is a mobile one-hour Yoga class that can easily be paired with Wine, Alcohol, Cigars or any other favorite vice. Or if you prefer, we also offer a series of subliminal yoga classes that have a similar effect to hypnotism by using low frequency technology to present a series of of messages to help you lose weight, stop smoking, be happier, or gain more self confidence. There is a class for everyone! And just to ensure that we put all participants at ease, the teacher wears an unusual costume, a tutu or a funky hat to add a little spice. No "Lululemonites" here! This is a great event for birthday parties, ladies or men's night out, fundraiser gatherings, karaoke nights, or just for the hell of it! Work on both mind and body in the comfort of your home or any other meeting hall in the most unique, nonjudgmental Yoga class available! Gather a group today!

Yogabata - There may be a whole lot of better things to do than eight sets of twenty seconds of hell and ten second yoga move, but if you can make it through this, then you are a legend in our minds. This one is primarily for the masochists of the group that want to get their hurt on to ease their fix! Join us for our trademark combination of Yoga and Tabata to round yourself out.


Mindless Meditation - Most people don't realize that meditation and mindfulness are not defined by just sitting for hours at a time and breathing. This one hour class helps you discover that you can meditate by using adult coloring books, by practicing different breathing techniques, by listening to your favorite music or by doing your favorite activity. This class is perfect for the most cynical, sarcastic, people-hating, self-loathing, depressed, ackward-feeling individuals, as well as those individuals who just need a little extra guided meditation. Journey today to that sense of calm that you can't get even after a few drinks!


Aggression Aerobics - Frustrated at work?  Angry about traffic?  Bad relationship? This class is for you. This rated M for mature class uses a combination of kickboxing moves, abstract fitness, cussing, bad hand gestures, primal screams, stomping and kicking to get your heart rate up while you get your aggression out. Get fit today while you release your pent up aggression in a format that won't get you fired or arrested!


Carbs and Cardio - Love carbs, baked goods, candy or breads? Don't plan on giving them up anytime soon but still need to get that heart healthier? This party style class is for you! The format is as follows: all participants in the class will bring enough of their favorite carbs to share, each segment of cardio ends with a quick carb break for trying those delicious goodies and then another segment begins, then after 5 segments of cardio and carbs, the class ends with a recipe share and a final carb load. Think of it as motivational fitness for the most extreme carb freaks! This is a great event for birthday parties, ladies or men's night out, fundraiser gatherings, bake sales, church functions, or just because you like carbs! Gather a group today! Keep the guns and the cannoli.


Pump then Party - Plan to go out drinking?  Why not work out in a happy-hour style light weight class to step up your game before heading out the door.  You will look better, feel better, have that sense of accomplishment and power before even walking out the door! Let’s slam those muscles before you slam those beers!


Smoke and Sweat -Smoke?  Hate to be around those non-smokers who complain of the smell?  Tired of getting a sermon every time you go to the club? Need a smoke break in the middle of your exercises?  This is the class for you!  This is a variety format weight and kickboxing class done in the comfort of your home or any other meeting hall that allows smoking. Perfect for the hookah bar or your local cigar club! Take as many smoke breaks as you need or just plain enjoy a good cigar and there will be no judgement here! Get your sweat on.... then get your smoke on!


Senior Swagger - Knee, hip or shoulder replacements? Bad back? Qualify for AARP? Don't think you are ready to be called geriatric just yet? Still have a little spunk in that step? There is a class for you! This is a one hour class that can be done as a group or single participant that works with the disabilities that you have while still treating you with the respect of the young-minded person that you are! Allow yourself to be as young as your mental age!


Youth Yoga -This is a free form fun Yoga for our younger ones.  The class teaches a combination of yoga and fitness moves, meditation, healthy eating and rationale for staying healthy and fit throughout life in an exciting and fun way that children will enjoy! Don't wait! Sign your child up to build a foundation of a lifetime of fitness today!


Pampered Pilates -This class combines manicures and Pilates/Yoga moves in a peppy, upbeat class.  One person at a time gets their nails done while the other participants practice partner and single-style yoga moves. Pilates and Pampering for when you need both!



All Parties except Pampered Pilates are $100 per hour for up to 10 people and $15 for each additional person.

Pampered Pilates is $100 per hour for up to 7 people and $15 for each additional person.

Personal Training sessions are $75 per hour per every 2 people and $35 for each additional person.


"Fit" your life in your own box!


Yoga and Fitness for those of us who just aren't right!

A good yoga teacher can facilitate the transition between living with insecurities and learning to love yourself exactly as you are. A great yoga teacher can make this transition comfortable and fun. Off-Balance takes this to the next level by providing great teachers and unique style classes to fit almost any personality.

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