Yoga and Fitness for those of us who just aren't right!

Yogabata - A unique combination of Tabata HIIT style classes mixed with yoga vinasa style flow.  The newest style format for 2016 featuring high intensity HIIT movements interlaced with the relaxation of yoga format during the recovery portions of the tabata flow. 

​​​Vices and Vinyasas - Want to learn Yoga but feel uncomfortable in that Yoga class?  Afraid the teacher will point out your flaws and "adjust" you in front of everyone?  Do you feel like an awkward lump whenever you try to do an asana? Don't want to wear Yoga pants ever? Do you have vices and don't plan to give them just to get a bit healthier? Whoever said fitness needs to be all or nothing was just plain wrong. Remember, 10% health is better than 0% health any day!  This is a mobile one-hour Yoga class that can easily be paired with Wine, Alcohol, Cigars or any other favorite vice. Or if you prefer, we also offer a series of subliminal yoga classes that have a similar effect to hypnotism by using low frequency technology to present a series of of messages to help you lose weight, stop smoking, be happier, or gain more self confidence. There is a class for everyone! And just to ensure that we put all participants at ease, the teacher wears an unusual costume, a tutu or a funky hat to add a little spice. No "Lululemonites" here! This is a great event for birthday parties, ladies or men's night out, fundraiser gatherings, karaoke nights, or just for the hell of it! Work on both mind and body in the comfort of your home or any other meeting hall in the most unique, nonjudgmental Yoga class available! Gather a group today!

Mindless Meditation - Most people don't realize that meditation and mindfulness are not defined by just sitting for hours at a time and breathing. This one hour class helps you discover that you can meditate by using adult coloring books, by practicing different breathing techniques, by listening to your favorite music or by doing your favorite activity. This class is perfect for the most cynical, sarcastic, people-hating, self-loathing, depressed, ackward-feeling individuals, as well as those individuals who just need a little extra guided meditation. Journey today to that sense of calm that you can't get even after a few drinks!